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The Kiel FabLab is an open hightech workshop that offers a wide range of opportunities to realize your own ideas. Even without any previous knowledge, you can develop your own designs, produce prototypes and get creative with us.

Open Lab Day

Every Thursday, 11 am – 7 pm

Visit our open high-tech workshop on Open Lab Day and realize your project ideas! You don’t need any prior knowledge, we will support you.

Just do it and come by!

Your high-tech workshop

3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutters, milling machines and countless tools, materials and space to work: Our FabLab is open to everyone and offers everything you need to turn your projects into reality.

3D printing

Be inspired by our wide range of different 3D printers, processes and filaments in all colors of the rainbow. Print your own prototypes, individual spare parts or go into small series production with your idea – with a maximum installation space of 850x405x395 mm. Good to know: We even offer selective laser sintering.


It’s time to realize your milling projects! Or you can simply experiment with our wood scraps. For example, grab our “Shaper Origin”, the world’s first hand guided CNC milling machine, and let it cruise you through digital curves.


Digitize objects up to three meters in diameter. These can be art objects, for example, which are later to be 3D printed in miniature format. With our latest achievement, a portable 3D hand scanner, it is even possible to digitally measure the interior of a car or similar and create a detailed model of it.


Whether engraving or cutting materials such as plastic, wood, rubber, leather, metals or textiles – many things are possible with our laser cutters or cutting plotters. From specially designed gifts to small series production, your ideas can be transformed into tangible products.

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